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Bee nutrition is a critical component of a healthy hive. Although bees naturally forage for their food, we feel it is important to supplement your bees to increase the success and survival of your hive. Adding spring pollen patties and dry pollen supplements will help brood production in mid-spring before natural foraging is available. Plenty of fresh water is essential and supplementing with a probiotic will help keep your bee’s gut healthy.

Candy Boards

 For winter, adding candy boards increase available food stores just in case your bees need extra food.

Pollen Supplements

Pollen Supplements provide protein to help jump start brood production in the spring before the nectar flow begins


Quilt Box

Condensation can be a real problem in winter hives. Warm air inside the hive rises to the top of the hive and condenses on the colder  surface of the telescoping cover. The moisture then drips back down on the bees getting them wet and causes them to freeze and die.

A quilt box placed under the telescoping cover contains a screened bottom and a burlap layer, several inches of wood shavings and a rigid insulated top. Moisture rises to the top of the hive but drips onto the shavings instead of the bees. Quilt boxes also add an extra layer of insulation to your hive. We were very excited this winter to see first hand how well our quilt boxes worked. Our bees stayed warm and dry and we did not have to replace any shavings.



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